A Passion for Automation

Born out of necessity, FineField offers two unique harvesting machines to revolutionize the future of blueberry harvesting. These are harvesting machines that are designed to prevent ground loss, to give the fruit a soft landing spot, to reduce the workload, and to simplify or even fully automate transport. FineField achieves this with the Harvy200, Harvy200S and Harvy500.

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Detaching the berries

For many farms, berry picking is entirely manual work. Existing automation solutions result in increased product losses. The Harvy200 and Harvy500 are set to revolutionize this. The fruit can be detached in various ways using the Harvy machines, offering the farmer greater flexibility. This way, the fruit can still be picked but the worker does not have to catch the fruit. There is also the option of using power tools. The Harvy500 even offers a fully-automated solution for the loosening of the fruit.

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Catching and transporting the berries

Once the berry has been detached, it falls onto a soft surface. The machines do not use foam or metal plates, which are unhygienic and can damage the fruit. FineField's harvesting machines use a patented system of brushes, which completely enclose the plants. This virtually rules out ground loss, and the berry has a soft landing. The berries that fall outside the brushes are caught by the flexible and hygienic sheet that slows their fall so they land softly, preventing bruising. The possibility of carrying collection trays on the harvest cart simplifies transport (Harvy200), (Harvy200S) or even fully automates it (Harvy500).

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Harvy machines

Reduce costs and maintain quality with the Harvy200, Harvy200S, and the revolutionary Harvy500

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