Split harvester

The Harvy200s is the split version (S of “Split model”) of the Harvy200. The collection trays and the brush system with which the plants are enclosed are the same as the Harvy 200.

The main difference between the 200 and the 200s version is the absence of the portal frame which connects one side over the plant with the other side. Because of the split portal frame, an extra wheel is mounted and an additional support frame is added to each side.

Easy to use

The Harvy200s is designed to be used in situations where the 200 cannot. For example:

  • Fields with screens or roof construction with upright supports;
  • Tunnels with to little space for the portal frame.
  • Canvas, netting: we can equip the Harvy200s with a sheet to ensure a softer landing for the berries.
  • Transport aid: we also offer an attachment that lifts the Harvy200s on one side to ensure it can be coupled to a tractor or quad for easy transport.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Harvy200s outer dimensions

Dimension Length
Length 3300 [mm]
Minimum Width 2150 [mm]
Maximum Width 3000 [mm]
Height 2160 [mm]
Total Mass 250 [kg]

Harvy200 shipping box dimensions

Dimension Length
Length 2300 [mm]
Width 900 [mm]
Height 1300 [mm]
Total Mass 295 [kg]
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