The FineField team

In 2012, the Driessen brothers discovered a need to improve their blueberry harvesting process. They needed to make the process more efficient. This meant removing the berries from the bush more easily, and simplifying the collection and transportation of the berries. The result of this idea was a

collaborative project with the local machine construction engineer Mike Janssen. With his practical construction expertise, Mike made the brothers’ idea a reality. The prototype worked but still needed to be optimized to make it a producible and saleable product. To this end, contact was sought with Peter Geurts, who became the team's designer. The cooperation went well, and in 2013 the first product was born under the name Easy Harvester. Many machines were sold worldwide during the period from 2013 to 2018. Early in 2018, the decision was made to formalize the collaboration by setting up a joint venture, FineField. The motivation behind this was the need to develop an even larger harvesting machine, the Harvy500.

Team FineField

Marcel and Leon Driessen

Publicatie datum: 01-Jan-1970
Marcel and Leon Driessen