Harvey 500 | Development never stops

Development never stops, and that's certainly the case at FineField. In addition to the further development of the Harvy200, development work has begun on the Harvy500, the next stage in the evolution of these harvesting machines. The Harvy500 offers the possibility of fully-automated blueberry picking. This offers farmers great flexibility. The machine features a platform, allowing the farmer to choose whether to detach the fruit manually, using a power tool, or fully mechanically.

Blueberry Harvesting

Logical evolution

The Harvy500 is a height-adjustable machine that keeps itself level. The Harvy500 features the second generation of the patented brushes, ensuring even less ground loss. The dirt is cleaned off the berries and they are transported to trays. These are automatically filled, stacked, and unstacked. The manual transport of filled and empty trays is therefore a thing of the past. The Harvy500 is also omnidirectional, which further increases the ease of use.

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