Reducing ground loss

One of the unique systems on the Harvy 500 is the NO GAP sealing system. Using this system with mechanical harvesting resulted in a loss percentage between 3 and 10%.

Looking at catching systems widely used in current harvesters we noticed two things:

  1. Loss of berries during harvesting, 20% or more gets wasted
  2. Hard material of the catching surfaces 

Looking at the catcher plates in below picture then you see a big open area (red outlined) in the middle of the plant. Here you will have a lot of berry loss during harvesting.

Next to the big gap in the middle of the plant catcher plates also have a hard surface. So, if the berry drops on a plate it will bounce and will get bruised.

The (patented) NO-GAP system solves both problems of “catcher plates”. First it seals the plants completely and next to that berries don’t get bruised when they fall on the brushes. Below picture compares the uses of brushes with the "use of catcher plates"

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