Our mission

To deliver the benefits of modern technology to the agricultural sector. Automation is often further advanced in other sectors, such as industry. The agricultural sector is still lagging behind.

FineField wants to improve this by implementing the available knowledge and expertise in mechatronic solutions within the agricultural sector. The Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter in this sector. Geographically, FineField is ideally located, close to the technological hotspot of Eindhoven and in the midst of a highly agricultural environment: the ideal place for the development of advanced agricultural equipment that ultimately benefits the farmer.

Our vision

Focusing specifically on blueberries, FineField's vision is that the three phases of harvesting need to be improved.

A standard structure allowing the use of flexible methods to detach the fruit is required.

It is important that the picked fruit can be caught softly, without bruising, and without ground loss.

Transport should be automated as much as possible.

These three pillars collectively ensure a higher return from both the worker and the plant. This also reduces the workload and thus in turn reduces costs.

Finefield Blueberries

The future

FineField's roots are in blueberries. However, this is not the only sector in which FineField's products and expertise can be applied. For instance, a lot of fruit is generally lost during the harvesting of soft fruit due to damage caused upon impact as it lands in the storage or harvesting medium. In addition, harvesting can be optimized through partial automation. FineField has therefore set itself the goal of not limiting itself to blueberries, but making the products useable in other crops too. This positions FineField as a technologically-innovative leader within the agricultural sector.