Blueberry picking equipment

To increase productivity and decrease labour, the investment in blueberry picking equipment is a logic step. Through the investment, you will decrease cost and increase volumes. We from FineField made it our mission to help you achieve this, using technology. We provide (at this time) 3 options:

Harvy 200 and 200 S

The Harvy 200 (also known as the easy harvester) is a platform to increase your yield. We deliver the Harvy200 pre-assembled, making it easy to put together. It is light and comes equipped with large wheels, so that it's easy to move by hand. The smart articulated-arm construction ensures smooth transport of the collection trays to and from the plant. During this pincer movement, the plant is enclosed with brushes, so that the berries naturally roll into the crates. Full and empty crates can easily be switched and transported on the Harvy200. The 200S is half a 200. This means that it is a single sided harvesting platform.

Harvy 500

In the berry harvester line from Finefield, you will also find a fully mechanical harvester. This harvester provides a flexible platform on which full mechanical harvesting or semi mechanical harvesting is possible. This means that there is a choice:

  1. use manual picking/shaking on the Harvy 500
  2. use a mechanical solution such as a shaker

This provides a flexibility in your workforce and production levels.

Fruit harvesting

The harvesting of such a fragile berry requires a range of solutions. With the platforms from Finefield, you will have the choice in which way you want to detach the berries. Choose from solutions like a full manual picker to using tools to vibrate the plant. Thanks to the possibility of choice, you will have a better outcome for your needs.

Fruit collection

The typical (over the row) berry harvester has high volumes, and high losses. Their design provides no soft landing and bruises the fruit. These bruises will make the berries go bad, and therefore, decrease your yield. Furthermore, there is a high chance of groundloss. The Harvy range of machines can all be fitted with the catch sheet. This sheet ensures a soft catch, which in turn, ensures lower losses. The fitted bristles reduce groundloss and therefore increase productivity.

Your solution for effective harvesting

The Harvy range of blueberry harvesters efficiently harvests through efficient harvester design. Our Harvesting machines are shipped world-wide and will also increase your productivity. Would you like to know more about the Harvy range? Please contact us for more information!

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